Emergency After Hours Dentist Available at Our Dental Clinic in Lalor

Unfortunately, a dental emergency can happen at any time and without warning. One moment you’re involved in a friendly sports game and the next you find your mouth bleeding with a missed or chipped tooth. Perhaps you trip on the stairs, and your mouth takes the main impact of the fall. If you find yourself any situation where you suddenly have an issue with your teeth, you need to see an emergency dentist in Lalor quickly.

Our dentist in Lalor is just a phone call away. We strive to make ourselves available hastily to avoid any pain or discomfort associated with dental issues.

When You Should Call an Emergency Dentist in Lalor

A prime example of a situation you should call our after hours dentist in Lalor is when you lose a tooth. Many people mistakenly believe that when a tooth is knocked out, they’re stuck with the embarrassment of having a gap in their row of teeth. The reality is the tooth is salvageable, and if you call our emergency dentist in Lalor immediately, there is a possibility to reattach the tooth to the socket. It’s important to remember you must get this done within an hour or two from the time you lost the tooth.

Another reason to visit our dental clinic in Lalor is for a broken or chipped tooth. This is a common occurrence and can happen for any reason including biting on a hard piece of food or getting hit in the mouth. If this happens to your tooth, try to gather the pieces and bring them with you. Make sure to apply gauze to the area if you are bleeding and use a cold compress to curb any swelling or inflammation. We can also assess if there are any problems with your jaw that could cause any complications.

A toothache is not something that you should ever ignore. The discomfort can stem from a cavity, an infection or a more serious problem. Many clients make the mistake of waiting too long to see a dentist in Lalor to address this issue. Infections in your mouth must be treated quickly to avoid them spreading throughout your body. The sooner you come to our office, the faster we can attempt to save the tooth or avoid any added pain or distress.

Reach Out to Our Emergency Dentist in Lalor As Soon As Possible

Any issue with your teeth is not something to be taken lightly. If you are in pain or you suffer any trauma to your mouth that affects your teeth, we advise that you call our after hours dentist in Lalor immediately. Our friendly staff is here to walk you through your immediate care options and schedule you for a time to see our dentist in Lalor quickly.

For any questions about our dental clinic in Lalor, we encourage you to call us on (03) 9436 8103 or click over to our contact page for more ways to reach out to us.