Dental Clinic in Mill Park Providing Quality Care with After Hours and Emergency Dentist Available

While having an emergency dentist available in Mill Park is necessary for unforeseen circumstances that need immediate attention, having a regular dental check-up is essential. Centenary Drive Dental is a quality dental clinic in the Mill Park area that offers an individual service to the community and caters to a wide range of dental treatments. From a general check-up and clean to oral surgery and dental implants, our services are of a high professional standard while also ensuring the comfort of each patient.

Why Visit an Experienced Dentist in Mill Park?

Visiting an experienced dentist, such as our local Mill Park dental clinic, on a regular basis is an essential way of maintaining good oral health. Early detection of tooth decay will be diagnosed at these regular visits and addressed before it leads to more serious problems in the future.

While everyone aims to brush and floss their teeth twice daily, a dental visit is an ideal way to check that you are doing it effectively. The dentist will notice areas of the teeth that are not being cared for appropriately and can remove any build-up of tartar or dental plaque. Recommendations on how to improve your daily oral health routine will be made to help reduce the chances of tooth decay and gum disease.

Gum disease caused by nutritional habits can lead to the loss of healthy teeth or cause serious health problems. However, regular visits to the dentist can, in most cases, reverse the gum issues if caught early enough. When you ignore dental problems and mouth pain, it can lead to more serious issues in the overall health of a person and not just the oral region.

Quality Patient Care and Comfort

Our friendly and professional staff are highly qualified in the care of oral health in various individuals. With a dentist who has over 25 years’ experience, we cater to patients of every age group and use the latest advanced digital technology. All the latest equipment helps to make your treatment is more pleasant and quicker yet without compromising on quality. Emphasis on patient comfort is important as well as offering high-quality dentistry to give the best service to every patient.

We offer various dental services including preventative care in the form of a check-up and clean. This service will reduce the chances of needing more expensive dental procedures in the future. However, our skills and services extend to treatment of periodontal disease, root canal therapy, tooth extraction, immediate, partial and full dentures, dental implants and many other treatments. Should you require any of these treatments after a routine check-up, we guarantee the best outcome so that you can be confident in your oral health.

For an after-hours dentist in the Mill Park area, we offer flexible appointment times. We understand that not everyone is available during regular work hours. Therefore, our dental clinic is open Monday to Friday until 8pm. Appointments can also be made on the weekend as well as booking for emergency dental work.

Contact us today for a dental check-up and take the preventative approach when it comes to oral healthcare.