Dental Clinic Teeth for Whitening and Bleaching in Epping

Are you looking for professional, high-quality dental whitening in Epping? Centenary Drive Dental is a general dental practice, and our clinic has been operating for seven years. Our principal dentist has had 25 years of experience, and our approach to dentistry is highly professional and individualised, with flexible hours of operation available including weekends and late in the day by appointment. We focus on providing both quality and comfort and can offer advanced digital technologies that allow us to place quality dental crowns and perform with extraordinary precision. Our oral surgeries include complex wisdom teeth extraction and dental implants using digital technologies and can also provide you with high-quality teeth whitening in Epping.

Professional Dental Whitening in Epping

We provide a range of services to help you achieve the smile you desire, from our dental clinic in Epping, from a checkup and cleaning to quality implants. Our focus is on providing high-quality customer service and value for your money. Our dental clinic is modern, and we offer high standard dentistry to all age groups, including tooth extractions, dental implants, root canal treatment, preventative measures, restorative and cosmetic services, crowns and bridges, veneers and teeth whitening. We also offer emergency dental service by appointment. Our dental materials are the best available on the market, and our use of digital technology allows you to view our dental procedures.

We perform all our dental prosthetic work locally in Melbourne which means you don't have to worry about waiting indefinitely. Our clinic is accessible from Melbourne Northern suburbs, and our team can provide you with personalised care while experienced dentists perform all our dental implants. Our porcelain veneers will give you an amazing smile while maintaining a natural look and can be completed in one appointment. Enjoy quality and save time with our metal free dental ceramic crowns after just one visit.

Our ceramic restorations are high quality and can be performed quickly without having to worry about temporaries and requires just one anaesthetic injection. We aim to provide our patients with high quality and aesthetic results in a single appointment. Enjoy our wide range of professional services that will help you enjoy a healthier smile.

Feel Confident and Enjoy Whiter Teeth

At Centenary Drive Dental we are dedicated to helping you achieve the healthy and attractive smile you deserve. We understand the impact your teeth can have on your self-esteem and the barriers involved in being unhappy with your teeth. Our teeth whitening service can provide you with a transformation that can change how you see yourself and can open new opportunities for you to live a richer, happier life. Enjoy a new you with our teeth bleaching in Epping.

We have dedicated ourselves to building confident smiles with our modern dental technology and exceptional customer service focus. In addition, we offer emergency and after-hours dentistry in Epping. Our dental implants offer an alternative long-term treatment for replacing missing or unhealthy teeth. These unique implant treatments are performed with extreme care using the latest equipment and materials, with no cutting or stitches required. Our cosmetic, metal free restorations can be performed in a single visit, saving you time and giving instantaneous results. No impressions needed, and the results are highly aesthetic.

Contact us today for a smile that enhances your confidence.