Porcelain Crowns are the Best Teeth Caps. Visit Centenary Drive Dental for Your Tooth Crown in Melbourne

Healthy teeth are important for your wellbeing and for an attractive smile, but sometimes despite proper care, a tooth suffers damage or decay. When an ordinary filling is not enough to safeguard the tooth, a dentist might recommend a dental crown, also called a cap. At Centenary Drive Dental, we offer a range of general and cosmetic dentistry services; if you need dental crowns in Melbourne, we can help.

When Do You Need a Dental Crown and What Is It?

Crowns are one of the more common tooth restorations that people need. A frequently asked question when the dentist recommends a crown is ‘do I really need it’? Opting for dental caps in Melbourne are the best way to extend the life of a tooth and often no other type of restoration will last as long.

In cases where a sizable part of a tooth has fractured off, or tooth decay damaged it to the extent that 2/3 of the width of the tooth is marred, a filling may not give enough strength to protect it from cracking in future. Because a crown fully covers the underlying tooth, it produces a much stronger and lasting repair than a traditional filling.

Permanent crowns can be made of a variety of materials including a metal such as gold, porcelain, resin and stainless steel. A cap is the best way to conserve both the tooth and the aesthetics of your smile. Each type has benefits but at Centenary Drive Dental, we recommend porcelain crowns for their natural colour-match and durability.

What Does a Tooth Crown in Melbourne Entail?

For a tooth crown at our Melbourne dental practice, you usually need two separate visits. At the first appointment, we will check the tooth to make sure it is stable enough to support a cap, then file it down to prepare for the crown. If the tooth is broken or severely damaged, the dentist might need to fill it in to make a seat for the crown. We then make a mould of the tooth and send it away to a dental lab to shape a permanent crown. At Centenary Drive Dental, our porcelain crowns are made in Melbourne and are not sent to dental technicians overseas; you can rest assured of the best possible outcome and guaranteed quality of your dental prosthesis. By the end of your first visit, the dentist covers your tooth with a temporary resin cap to protect it until the permanent porcelain crown is complete.

When the permanent crown arrives from the dental lab, you are ready for your second appointment. During this visit, the dentist removes the temporary cap and fastens the porcelain crown to the tooth with a special adhesive.

Once your permanent dental crown is in place, it may take a while to get used to it, but it will soon look, feel and function as a regular tooth.

At Centenary Drive Dental We Care for Patients, Not Just Teeth

At Centenary Drive Dental, we would like you to have a magazine-cover smile but we don’t only care about teeth, we also look after our patients’ comfort while they are in the chair. We use advanced technologies to make your treatment as fast and pleasant as possible and with our digital recording system, you can see what was done during a procedure from start to finish.

A dental crown is expensive; speak to the receptionist to find out whether your medical insurance covers you, and about payment methods. She’s very knowledgeable about dental procedures and can answer all your questions. If you need dental crowns in Melbourne, call us on (03) 9436 8103 or book an appointment today.