Turn to Centenary Drive Dental for Wisdom Teeth Removal or Tooth Extraction in Epping

Dental pain stops you dead in your tracks. It causes headaches and makes it hard to focus on anything. A common mistake that people make is waiting too long to see a dentist and suffer from the pain longer than necessary. When it comes to teeth, it is vital to remember that the agony will not fix itself and you should make an appointment with a dentist fast.

Centenary Drive Dental is a trusted name in the dental community. We understand the importance of healthy teeth and strive to relieve discomfort that is often associated with wisdom teeth.

Common Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Epping

One of the leading reasons for wisdom teeth removal in Epping is due to alignment issues. There simply is not enough room your mouth for your wisdom teeth to come in properly. As these bigger teeth fight for space, they push other teeth out of place. This causes your teeth to overlap and make them harder to clean which increases the chance of decay and cavities.

It’s important not to overlook the role that inflammation and infection play in a wisdom tooth extraction in Epping. A cause of gum inflammation is limited mouth space or partial impactions as a result of the presence of wisdom teeth. Inflammation can lead to gum disease which is frustrating and painful. If your wisdom tooth is impacted, the likelihood of tiny tumours or cysts developing along your jawbone increases. This leaves you with not only pain radiating from the tooth but in the joint of your jaw.

Preventative care is another popular motive for wisdom tooth extraction in Epping. While this type of tooth extraction in Epping is possible at any age, preventative care would normally happen for a person age 25 or younger because the tooth’s roots have not completely settled. There is also a reduced risk of complications and a faster recovery time.

Another complication that your wisdom teeth present is an efficient way to keep them clean. While brushing your teeth and flossing is always the first line of defence against any bacteria, because wisdom teeth are further back in your mouth, it is difficult to avoid reaching the entire surface of the tooth. This leaves them prime targets for plaque build-up or cavities.

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The staff at Centenary Drive Dental is committed to making your visit as painless and comforting as possible. We dedicate ourselves to removing the common stigma of being afraid to see a dentist. Our professionals are here to address any issues you are experiencing as a result of your wisdom teeth and present you with a plan to alleviate your distress. Our office has options for emergency treatment for pain that comes on suddenly and options for younger patients to see a dentist to avoid any dental issues as they grow.

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